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Overview of Student Employment

The Cross Cultural Centers highly value diversity, social justice, and cultural competencies in our student leaders. All of our staff, graduate assistants and student assistants, share a common goal in developing accessible, equitable, and inclusive spaces for all Cal Poly students who come from different backgrounds, understandings, and life experiences.  

Graduate Assistants

The Cross Cultural Centers hosts a number of specialized Graduate Assistant (GA) positions responsible for managing the campus community centers and working with student assistants, student leaders, and affilated organizations in the area of student development.  They assist the professional staff in the supervision of each centers team and community, assist in the planning and operations of various events, programs or services, and perform assigned tasks.  

Working in our community centers provides graduate assistants with the opportunity to work in a fast-paced setting that puts the principle of “Learn by Doing” into action. Our graduate assistants gain experience in leadership, team-work, and professionalism. They develop professional skills in supervision, project management, leadership, and time management.

Student Assistants

The Cross Cultural Centers maintains energetic and passionate students to hold Student Assistant (SA) positions across all our community centers. Under the direction of the professional staff and graduate assistants, student assistants assist in planning and organizing signature events, facilitating affinity groups, and serving as touchstones for resources and referrals by staffing the reception desks in our community centers.    

Students Assistants who work in our centers gain valuable skills and experiences rooted in the "Learn By Doing" philosophy.  In these positions, students have a chance to explore and develop their leadership styles, enhance their communication and facilitation skills across difference, and curate valuable resources, spaces, and events for underrepresented students on campus.  

Applications for Employment

The Cross Cultural Centers is now taking applications for Student Assistants for 2020-2021.  The positions require a 15/hr per week commitment.  $13 per hour & Workstudy is accepted.  For more information, visit Handshake.  Job#3630075


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