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Production Team

OWN is a full-length student-run production in every sense of the word, and is made up entirely of students who volunteer on various committees/teams, which are led by the GEC Coordinator and GEC Graduate Assistant. From directing the production to creating the art gallery, the production team makes OWN what it is. For more information about getting involved, email with “OWN” in the subject line. Position Descriptions - Production Team

Position Descriptions

The Directors meet weekly with GEC staff, direct individual and group rehearsals, assist in the coordination of auditions and call-backs, as well as a number of different show needs. One of the Assistant Directors will also serve as the Stage Manager of the final production. Approximate time commitments below, please see full job description for additional details.

  • Days & times are tentative/estimated and are subject to change; we can work with your schedule

  • Hours may increase as we get closer to production date

  • Biweekly phone/Skype meetings during summer to solidify script and plan auditions

  • 10-15 hours per week in Fall quarter

  • 15-25 hours per week during Winter quarter until the show in February

  1. Directors (3): The Directors Team is the most time-intensive team. The Directors will be in charge of all aspects of the performance including the vision, staging, rehearsals, and other aspects of the performance. The team will be made up of a Director and 2 Assistant Directors. This production may be used for extra credit or as a senior project with faculty approval. Students must meet all the time commitments and be available the week of the production.

  2. Marketing and Outreach (3): This committee will organize outreach and advertising within the on-campus community and throughout the San Luis Obispo County. We are looking for specializations in graphic design, public relations/marketing, and social media. Time commitments will vary depending on role. Please see full job description for details.

  3. Art Gallery (3): This committee will gather, organize, and coordinate art pieces displayed for the production representing women, empowerment, identity, etc. The gallery includes work from students, staff, community members, and professional artists in the area. Areas of focus include: the Cal Poly community, the SLO community, and art gallery outreach. Please see full job description for details.

  4. Decorations (2): This committee is in charge of the theme, set up, layout, decoration supplies, and making sure the venue is decorated the day of the production. Ability to visualize and connect the theme to the production and creative thinking are important.

  5. Script Editors (2): The Script Editing team will work closely with GEC Coordinator, GEC Graduate Assistant, Director and Assistant Directors. As a team the script editors will create the general concept and vision for OWN. The team will collect and edit the student submissions to create the script for the production. Once the script is complete, script editors will function as stage hands during the production.

  6. Volunteer Coordinator (1): This committee member will be responsible for the creation of a volunteer schedule and needs list, outreach to classrooms and clubs, running volunteer orientation, and coordinating the volunteers on the day of the event. While this member is heavily supported by the producers, the ability to plan and think logistically are important in this role.

Every production of OWN has an interactive and educational art gallery. The gallery includes art produced by students, staff, local artists, and youth currently incarcerated in juvenile hall. We seek out various expressions of experiences and of womanhood to express the intersecting identities through which our experiences are filtered. The gallery reflects many of the topics you will see during the performance including: self-love, body image, empowerment, social justice movements, identity, and more!


Art Workshops

The Gender Equity Center will host art workshops throughout the year to collect submissions for OWN's gallery. We will also accept art pieces throughout the year for upcoming OWN productions. Art submissions may be anonymous and we can arrange to return pieces when needed. See the GEC calendar for updates.


Open Art Submissions

We will accept the submission of art pieces - multimedia, painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, etc. - from the Cal Poly community to display in our art gallery. We can arrange for submissions to be delivered anonymously. Submissions for the 2017 OWN gallery are closed, but we will accept submissions for OWN 2018 beginning in Fall 2018.

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