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Gender Equity Center Staff 

                          AmeriCorps Member


Diane Le Strain (she, her, and hers).


Dian is currently serving in the Gender Equity Center as an AmeriCorps Volunteer Infrastructure Project Fellow (VIP). She graduated from Cal Poly with a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and a minor in psychology this past spring, and is looking forward to earning her master's degree in higher education and student affairs soon. She is passionate about identity and leadership development and wants to empower students to grow outside of the classroom throughout their college experience. She spends her days at the GEC brainstorming ways to expand the center's capacity for volunteers and be a resource to students on campus. In her spare time, she is an avid yogi, she does her best to look after her puppy (Grace!), and attempts to bake a variety of treats. She also loves getting outside and delving into creative projects. She says: "I invite your engagement and would love to connect with someone new, so don't hesitate to come by!"

Student Assistants


Austine De Los Santos (she/her/hers) is a fifth year theater major


This is her second year working for the Gender Equity Center. She was inspired to work for the program after being an actress in last year’s production of OWN. She is passionate about telling the stories of all marginalized people in a positive light in order to combat the societal stereotypes regarding sexuality, race, and more.





Alicia Lindheimer (she/her/hers) is a second year animal science major and studio art minor

Alicia is a student assistant at the Gender Equity Center and is passionate about working to dismantle the gender binary and societal gender roles, as well as lifting up the voices of marginalized identities within womxnhood. She hopes to use her platform at the Gender Equity Center to advocate for the empowerment of queer womxn, the promotion of self-love, and the uprooting of systemic institutions of oppression which operate within our communities. Alicia is the Co-Director and Stage Manager of OWN (Original Womxn's Narratives), and is hosting the Womxn in Stem events and Galentine’s Day. When she is not in the GEC, you can often find Alicia petting dogs, working in wildlife rehabilitation, and expressing herself through art--both on a canvas and through the makeup she wears.



Zoha Qader (she/her/hers) is a second year animal science major with a minor in ethnic studies and biotechnology

Zoha is a first-time student assistant at the Gender Equity Center and is interested in doing work on intersectionality within marginalized communities. She hopes to further her knowledge of decolonization in a postcolonial society. She is one of the Original Womxn’s Narratives script team leads and hosting the Womxn in STEM events. She is also an active member of the Southwest Asian and North African club and the Muslim Student Association. She loves volunteering at the Cal Poly Cat Shelter and the Pacific Wildlife Center in her free time. Her hobbies include fostering kittens, wildlife rehabilitation, and hanging out with her friends.




Leilani Hemmings Pallay  (she/ her/ hers) is a third year comparative ethnic studies major with a minor in womxn's and gender studies.


This is her second year working here at the Gender Equity Center! This year, she is leading the S.H.E (Support Her Everywhere) Dialogue Group, which is a closed dialogue for black womxn and femmes. Leilani is also the student producer for  our 2019 production of Original Womxn’s Narratives, which is our annual theatrical production featuring and celebrating the real experiences of Cal Poly and San Luis Obispo community members who have experienced womxnhood in mind, body, and/or spirit, be that in past, present, and/or future. Her personal politics include but are not limited to Critical Race Theory, Womxn of Color Feminisms, Queer of Color Critiques, Non-traditional Pedagogy, and Coalition Politics/ Radical Love.  Outside of work and academia, she spends her time thinking about dogs, organizing on campus, talking to her nephew Dorian, and/or gardening. She loves being a student assistant for the Cross Cultural Centers because she finds value in being able to create spaces for marginalized people and to plant seeds of change in folx that are new to social justice! Leilani likes that her work here applies the concepts and theories she learns in her classes and challenges her to remain accessible. She loves the communities she has made through this work and from here and across campus!" 





Katie Ettl (she/her/hers) is a fourth year political science major, with three minors in women's & gender studies, ethnic studies, and media arts, society, & technology.


This is her second year working as a student assistant for the Gender Equity Center, where she is leading the Gender Equity Movement (GEM) Trainings for Fall and Winter quarters, directing the center's social media presence, co-organizing the upcoming Womxn in Hollywood event, and co-supervising the script for 2019's production of Original Womxn's Narratives. Katie got involved with the GEC during her first year through OWN, and volunteered on varying capacities for the center until she got hired as a 3rd year. The Gender Equity Center has been her home away from home, a space where she is empowered to be herself, and has provided opportunities for her to manifest her politics into tangible events/dialogues. She hopes to provide that same space for others at Cal Poly in her role as a student assistant. When she's not in the GEC, you can find her in bed thinking about the political implications of film.




Emma Laura Zamora Garcia (she/her/hers) is a fourth year history major, with minors in Spanish and Latin American studies


This is Emma's first year working at the Gender Equity Center. Emma has a passion for post-colonial history and giving a voice to those who have been excluded from the narrative of traditional history. This year she is in charge of planning Womxn's History Month. She is also our Cross Cultural Advocate, and works to expand diversity and inclusion within Housing. She works on programming and staff development that educates on the importance of inclusivity beyond checking off a box. Emma is passionate about working with first-generation students and students who have been historically disadvantaged in academia. Her two biggest goals in life are to publish an award winning book and to meet Beyonce in person. Emma has a passion for painting, reading poetry written by womxn of color, trying the latest makeup, and listening to Selena's greatest hits!




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