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Bri Damacio (They/Them) and Lilianne Tang (She/Her)

Coordinators for Multicultural Initiatives




Hello Cal Poly,
As the coordinators of the MultiCultural Center (MCC), it is our pleasure to welcome you to our website! 


First, we would like to honor and recognize the activism of Cal Poly alumni who served as a catalyst for creating visible systems of support for underrepresented students and other marginalized communities. While the MCC was officially founded in 1981, we want to acknowledge past efforts in fostering a more inclusive Cal Poly. 


It is incredibly encouraging to see the significant strides we have made and continue to work on to make Cal Poly a home for all students. Whether it is at one of our dialogues, or at a signature heritage month event, we cannot wait to meet you! 


The center encourages critical conversations, intra-interpersonal development, and overall, academic success. 


In Winter of 2019, we officially moved to a larger space in the University Union, which facilitated our ability to better serve the growing population of underrepresented students at Cal Poly.


We strive to continue to address the concerns, growing needs, and development of underrepresented students and faculty and staff who work closely with students. We encourage you to visit us in the University Union Bldg. 65, Rm. 111F or Rm. 217. If you have any questions, or would like to arrange an in-person conversation, email us directly. 



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