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The only way to register for PolyCultural Weekend 2019 is through the Eventbrite registration link sent to your Cal Poly email.  If you cannot remember your Cal Poly email or username, you can use the 'Need Help?' link on the Cal Poly Portal page. Use this page as reference during the registration process, and be sure to finish within the time limit. If you have any questions at all, email the coordinators at

Please use an email address you will check often. This is our primary mode of contact.

"Cal Poly Username"

This is your unique student identifier and proof of acceptance to Cal Poly. The user name is the beginning part of the Cal Poly email (********, to which this registration link was sent. If you cannot remember your Cal Poly email or username, you can use the 'Need Help?' link on the Cal Poly Portal page.

"Choose your number 1 (highest) preference for host pairing"

You will be paired with a current Cal Poly student participating in a cultural organization as your host for the weekend. They will house you in their dorm/apartment and will mentor you throughout the weekend. In order to make the best pairing possible, we ask that you rank each of the categories you could be paired by in order of preference. Your number 1 preference should be the category you most wish to be paired by out of the five categories (ethnicity, major, organization, transfer student, LGBT). To learn more about participating organizations, Click Here! 

"Bus service from San Francisco and Los Angeles"

This is a need-based, free service for students needing assistance in transportation for the weekend. There is limited space available, therefore only students will be allowed on the buses. Please describe your need for this free service and a confirmation email will be sent to those who qualify and have a seat reserved. There will be only one pick up/drop off location from each location and it is your responsibility to get there on time for departure.

"Transportation to and from SLO Airport or Amtrak Station"

This is a free service for students arriving at the SLO Airport or Amtrak Station. We will ask for a copy of your plane or Amtrak ticket at a later time to confirm pick up and drop off times. Note that there is a Cal Poly Amtrak Bus Stop (SLP) right on campus that would not require this service.

"Friday night Parent Panel and First Generation Student Workshop"

Parents, guardians, and educational advocates will have the opportunity to learn more about what to expect when their student begins college. We understand there may be generational and/or cultural gaps that can make explaining the importance and process of obtaining higher education very difficult. These panels and workshops serve to answer questions and comfort those whose student may be attending Cal Poly in the Fall.

Bring these forms printed and signed to check-in on Friday!

Release of Liability
Audio/Visual Release Form
Medical Release Form
Minor Guest Application Form
PCW Parking & Drop-Off Instructions

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