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Check out these amazing programs that partner with the Cross Cultural Centers.  Each program has an emphasis on gender identity, expression, and sexual orientation.

Ethnic Studies

Cal Poly’s Ethnic Studies Department works at the intersection of four fundamental social forces: Ethnicity, Race, Culture, and Gender. By exploring these issues, students are able to understand the factors that shape social and occupational identities, preparing them to work, collaborate and interact in an increasingly heterogeneous and complex world.  For more information, visit Ethnic Studies.

Women's & Gender Studies

Women’s & Gender Studies students explore the complex intersections of gender and sexuality with race, class and other social factors, and how they shape and are influenced by politics, ethics, the economy and law. 

Women’s and gender studies is an inherently interdisciplinary field that promotes scholarly inquiry, education and activism focused on power and social inequalities. Faculty and students from across campus participate in projects that contribute to local, national and transnational conversations on the current and future shape of society. For more information, visit Women's & Gender Studies.

Queer Studies

Explore how sexuality is central to human societies through intersectional, interdisciplinary scholarly inquiry, education and activism. Learn how constructions, experiences and expressions of sexuality change over time and are lived in relation to interlocking systems of race, ethnicity, religion, class, nation, age, dis/ability and gender. Develop the intellectual and practical skills necessary to contribute to scholarship, creative production and innovation in the interdisciplinary field of Queer Studies and to serve as leaders in the creation, enactment and evaluation of efforts to create a more inclusive, just and equitable world.  For more information, visit Queer Studies.

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