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Welcome to all Cal Poly LGBTQ+ Alumni and our allies! The Pride Center serves our entire community, including students, faculty, staff, and OUR alumni. We are proud to have YOU as a part of our family.

Whether you were out when you were here at Cal Poly, have gotten connected with the community since you have left, or are looking to connect to the community for the first time, we are excited to be able to build a sense of family and connection among all of our LGBTQ+ alumni.

In partnership with the Cal Poly Alumni, we are developing a PRIDE Alumni Network. It is easy to be a part of the PRIDE Alumni Network. Just email us and let us know you would like to join! We will then put you on our e-mail list and send you information and updates about what is happening for LGBTQ+ Alumni here at Cal Poly.

Once up and running, we will have two events happen annually as a part of our efforts to build community among our LGBTQ+ alumni. They include a PRIDE Alumni Network Induction Ceremony, which is in conjunction with Cal Poly's Lavender Commencement. It falls on the Saturday afternoon roughly a week prior to Graduation in June. 

Anytime you are back in San Luis Obispo, please feel free to come by and visit the Pride Center. Our library is currently developing a Cal Poly Pride Archive & Historical Collection. You can browse the events, articles, and happenings of the years you were at Cal Poly. And we love to connect with our LGBTQ+ Alumni to hear the stories of navigating this community while being LGBTQ+.

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