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  Pride Center Lead Team
Eden Knapp

Eden Knapp

AmeriCorps Pride Fellow & Project Manager

Pronouns: she/her/hers or they/them/theirs



Eden is a Cal Poly Graduate with a Bachelor's of Science in Anthropology and Geography, with a concentration in Art History and minor is Women and Gender Studies. Throughout her college career, Eden was involved in the Cross Cultural Centers advocating for an inclusive and diverse campus environment. While working at the Pride Center, she hopes to continue that work and champion for, uplift, and support marginalized students. When not at work, she can be found watching movies, thrifting, celebrating Halloween every day of the year, or roller skating.


Marcos Santos

Francisco Gaspar

Senior Student Lead & Project Manager

Pronouns: They/Them/Theirs



Francisco is senior double major in Comparative Ethnic Studies and Sociology with a minor in Women's and Gender Studies. As the Pride Center Facility Manager and President of QTPOC, they hope to center queer and trans people of color in their work. When they're not managing center operations, they can be found watching Steven Universe, drinking boba, or making dance choreography in the Recreation Center.


Brian Ibarra

Pride Center Intern for Marketing & Brand Development

Pronouns: He/Him/His



Brian is committed in creating, communicating, and contributing towards a marketing plan to uphold the University’s dedication of diversity and inclusion on campus. Brian is an ally for the LGBTQ+ community and wants to provide support in any way he can. In his free time, he enjoys going to concerts, drinking coffee, watching television and movies.




  Education & Advocacy Team
Francisco Gaspar

Louel Isaac De Leon Ibe

Cross Cultural Advocate & Student Assistant for Training & Development

Pronouns: Any 



A third-year studying Modern Languages & Literatures and Comparative Ethnic Studies, Louel finds their passion lying in the study of languages, identity development, and culture. They take this lens with them when working with training and development-- using their knowledge on how, especially for the LGBTQ+ community and the marginalized identities that lie within it, words become the powerful tool that either oppresses or empowers. They hope to bring everyone on the same level of understanding and then bring them to a higher level of one-- as they often say in regards to their approach to education, "when having a conversation about systems of oppression, everyone needs to speak the same language, only then can the language begin to grow and change." As the Cross Cultural Advocate, Louel acts as they liaison between the Pride Center and University Housing. They take on the educative approach to their bridging work within University Housing, being a resource for all residents at live on-campus.


Outside of their position at the Pride Center, you'll find Louel over at their residence hall, probably hanging out with their residents. If not that, they're their nerd self and watching videos essays on YouTube, reading a book, or listening to a podcast. Luckily, they take a break every now and then a play Pokémon or a few games on Overwatch.

Marcos Santos

Bethany Porta

Student Assistant for Community Outreach & Advocacy

Pronouns: They/Them/Theirs



A third-year studying Molecular and Cellular Biology, Bethany enjoys spending time working on the development of community on and off campus. They take this passion with them when working with LGBTQ+ clubs and organizations – using their knowledge to facilitate conversation and interaction between different groups and help develop the intersectionality of spaces. They hope to bring everyone together to build coalition and a community that works together to face issues and problems that concern the LGBTQ+ community. Outside of their position at the Pride Center, you'll find Bethany dancing their heart out. If not that, they're having fun with creating art, watching Netflix, and walking on Pismo Beach.

Isabella Matthews

Pride Center Intern & Curator for Human Rights & Civic Engagement

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers



Isabella Matthews is student at Cal Poly, double majoring in History and Political Science.  After attaining her bachelor’s degree, she plans to enter law school to fight for underrepresented voices. Interning at the Pride Center, Isabella wants to promote the rights of the LGBTQ+ student population and grow the community and unity of all the students. Personally, she enjoys spending time with friends and her dog, Kass.  Her passions include art, photography, video production, TV shows, movies, music, swim, travel, ancient history, and art history.


  Core Programs Team
Kate Harechmak

Mustafa Siddiqui

Student Assistant for Cross Cultural Dialogues

Pronouns: He/Him/His



Mustafa is a second year Comparative Ethnic Studies major. He is passionate about trans of color studies and centering queer and trans* SWANA (South West Asian and North African) and Muslim folx. When he’s not working on dialogues and collaborative work for the Cross Cultural Centers, he can be found online shopping, doing skincare, or taking unnecessary naps.

Piper Ferreira

Paige McGill

Student Assistant for Peer Mentorship & Student Leadership

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers



Paige is passionate about changing the world for good and she loves what she does! Planning social events like Breakfast with Pride are some of her favorite things to do. When she is not working, she is singing showtunes in the shower and FaceTiming her dogs.

Paige McGill

Alejandra Robinson

Student Assistant for Signature Events

Pronouns: They/Them/Theirs



Alejandra is committed to using Signature Events as a way to bring the queer community at Cal Poly together. They love planning events to foster solidarity and memories for years to come. When they're not working or figuring out what this whole "school" business is, they can be found playing D&D, dancing to musical show tunes, or looking at pictures of goats.

Alyssa Gonzalez

Pride Center Intern for Peer Health Education & Event Planning

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers



Alyssa is a second-year psychology major with a double minor in child development and event planning & experience management. She is excited to find new ways to involve the community and strengthen her allyship with the LGBTQ+ community. She is committed to using her strengths to help the Pride Center as best she can. In her free time Alyssa is working as a front desk assistant for the Construction Management Department, hanging out with friends, or at a concert.

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