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Ally Trainings


Race & Ethnicity (3hrs)

This workshop provides a broad context for understanding how students of color cope with racial microaggressions and creates the environment to have an open conversation about campus climate, interpersonal interactions, and ways to be an ally. Audience members will have an opportunity to discuss what strategies can be framed as a positive. This workshop can be customized for faculty, staff or students.


Gender and Sexuality (2.5-3 hrs)

This workshop sets the context for understanding a day in the life of a student of color from a specific organization/affiliation. This workshop is great for teams or groups in resident halls. It draws from real-life experiences of people of color, which allows for relatable examples to be presented. The workshop concludes with setting up common agreed-upon rules and listing resources for further action.


Accessibility (2.5hrs)

This workshop explores the complexity of unconscious bias and its relations to microaggressions. Audience members will deconstruct interactions depicted in videos.

[In Development]


Kognito  (2.5hrs)

A suite of products to educate faculty, staff, and students about LGBTQ cultural competency and how to help create an environment supportive of LGBTQ students.

[Online / In Development]

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