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 Educational Approach


The goals and outcomes below outline the operating framework of our subdivision and align with the Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (CAS).  They will be used to measure the effectiveness of programs in fostering student learning and development. These are connected to the Cal Poly Diversity Learning Objectives (DLOs) to streamline the learning connection between academic affairs and student affairs.

Gold Shield with white lightbulb. The word "cognitive" is printed above the lightbulb on the shield.


Students will:

1.Critically explain how power, positionality, privilege, and other socio-structural factors impact themselves and others.
2.Examine personal identity, values, beliefs, attitudes, needs, or expectations that shape their experiences and inform their perspectives.
Gold shield with white graphic of 2 humans. The word "social" is printed above the people on the shield.


Students will: 

1.Acquire and utilize knowledge, skills, and resources that support personal, academic, and professional development.
2.Enhance skillsets to build and manage personal relationships in community and across difference.
3.Contribute to environments and spaces that cultivate a sense of belonging.
4.Affirm and develop holistic wellbeing through an equity lens.
Gold Shield with white house. The word "institutional" is printed above the house on the shield.


Students will:

1.Draw connections between classroom learning and out-of-classroom experiences in our cultural centers.
2.Recognize the symptoms of systemic oppression and their impact on others.
3.Determine strategies for addressing issues of diversity in order to promote and practice access, equity, and inclusion.












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