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Square image with a black background and  "BLACK LIVES MATTER'' written over a brown fist. The fist has a black heart on the wrist.

A guide for how to actively engage in and support the Black Lives Matter Movement


In the wake of the continued acts of racism and violence targeting the black community, one of our student leaders curated a directory of additional resources and opportunities for how we all can be accomplices in the fight for racial justice.

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Image of a yellow and brown fist with "KNOW YOUR RIGHTS" written next to it.

Know your rights training


This training was curated by the Central Coast Coalition for Undocumented Student Success to educate all folks on their rights when confronted by the police. Given current events the training has been enhanced to include protest information.

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Image of quote by Yasmine Cheyenne - "we are allowed to heal. we deserve it."

Free self-healing resource for Black folks


This is a collection of resources to help start or continue your self-healing practice, with a wide range of tools. It is centered on the healing of black and POC folks.

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 healing justice podcast" in the corner.

Healing Justice Podcast


This Podcast features sound healer and community organizer Bea Anderson in conversation about liberating our voices to speak up, overcome silence, and heal.

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Black Emotional And Mental (BEAM) Health Collective

Black Emotional and Mental Health Collective


BEAM organization with information on mental health training, toolkits and a directory of licensed Black therapists who can provide online services.

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Picture of a stop sign that says "STOP AAPI HATE!"

Report Anti-Asian, Anti-Asian American Prejudice


There has been an increase in racism and xenophobia towards Asian/ Asian-American people across the country related to the COVID-19 pandemic.  The Cross Cultural Centers oppose and denounce all acts of prejudice and racism. This website has a variety of resources and a page by the Asian American Asian Pacific Islander Civil Rights Organization to report bias incidents. 

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Picture of burning sage bundle

Decolonizing Community Care in Response to COVID-19


For indigenous peoples whose ancestors were intentionally exposed to viruses, this moment can also feel triggering and bring up ancestral trauma and even distrust and disbelief. Now more than ever it is imperative to decolonize from individualism and reconnect with ways of community care.

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picture of hand making a heart by crossing the thumb and pointer finger with a red heart above.

A message to and from AAPI's during COVID-19


This page centers the importance of community care during this time of crisis an uncertainty. Find strategies for staying in community and resources translated in 14 different languages from Chinese to Tagalog.

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Picture of unemployment benefits paperwork

How to Apply for Disability, Unemployment, or Family Leave


The California Employment Development Department waived the one week waiting period for people unemployed or disabled due to COVID-19. Learn more about the options available and how to apply.

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Picture of person typing on a laptop

Draft Letter to Landlord-Rent Relief


Use this template to help guide you in drafting a letter to your landlord requesting rent relief during COVID-19 in which many are facing financial burden.

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Picture of woman doing yoga

POC Yoga


Embrace your wellbeing through a variety of free yoga videos created by and for people of color!

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 Cultural nutrients for times like this. Curated with love by Smithsonian Asian Pacific American

Virtual Care Package 


Curated with love by the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center this virtual care package includes poems, meditations, films, and other cultural nutrients by APEDA artists, writers, scholars.

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// Created by the Central Coast Coalition for Undocumented Student Success. Website: Email:

Quick Guide for the Central Coast Undocumented Community 


This guide was developed for the undocumented community to have easy access to resources and information needed during this time. Please check back frequently to the linked information as there is rapidly changing information.

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Abstract picture of 3 people over a collage of many shapes in many colors.

Farima’s COVID-19 Teaching/Learning/Wellness Resources


Dr. Farima Pour-Khorshid is a teacher educator, community organizer and critical scholar who created this guide to serve as a a communal platform for resources related to wellness, teaching, wrap around services for educators and organizers navigating COVID-19.

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